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Packing Supplies Packing Supplies

Boxes - We have friends in the business! Say hello to “Go Green Box”!

The most eco-friendly, people friendly, easy as pie, way to pack and move. For both residential and office moves these boxes will end up saving you time, frustration, and money.


Check them out at www.GetaGreenBox.com! If this won’t work we can also supply any traditional cardboard boxes for you move.


Packing Services - Most people don’t know that dishes should be packed vertically or newspaper can permanently stain china. We do! Fixed Rate Moving’s professional packing service will take care of everything from fine art and china to computers and files. Whether it’s a library, museum, home, or office we have the experience and expertise to make sure everything gets to its destination how it left.


Residential Packing

Packing your belongings can certainly be a daunting task. Not only is it very time consuming, it’s also known to cause headaches and severe back aches. We want to make sure there are no aches and pains when getting ready to move by offering outstanding packing services. So no matter how minimal or how large the job, we can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs.


Commercial / Office Packing

Getting items from point A to point B safely and in a timely manner usually requires some sort of packing. Fixed Rate Moving is able to utilize special equipment and knowledge to ensure your office, library, school or fast food joint is packed and moved as efficiently and economically as possible.


After moving every single office and facility in the world (well nearly), our Commercial moving division has the experience and expertise to move your business or government office throughout Arkansas and the nation. We will sit down with you, your facilities manager, and your contractor and develop a strategic plan that is specific to your business’s needs.

Boxes - We have friends in the business! Say hello to “Go Green Box”!

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Green Packing Supplies and Boxing Solutions