Long-distance moving
should be exciting

Take a load off and

Enjoy the road trip

We always perform door to door service. That means, we don’t mix your belongings with the belongings of others. Your items, your truck, your time.

All of your furniture, boxes, cats, etc, will be assigned a corresponding number/letter system. This way, your furry friend doesn’t end up in Abu Dhabi when he’s supposed to be in Houston.

Driving with hand held up out of a sunroof

Fixed Rate Moving's

Long-distance features

Almost no waiting

We can get you from point A to point B in the fastest time legally allowed by the Dept. of Transportation.

Multiple insurance options

Real insurance with real valuations! We offer 3 options for you to choose. From the federally mandated $.60 a pound to a full-replacement value option of up to $1 million big ones, we can surely find a fitting policy for your move.

Full service moving

Depending on how hard you do or don’t want to work, we can offer just about anything that deals with moving. From packing and unpacking to crating services and car transport, we offer It. We know delicate antiques, grand pianos, heavy safes, chandeliers, expensive artwork and everything in-between.

Fixed pricing

All our long distance moves receive ‘binding, guaranteed price quotes’. What’s the advantage? 1. You know exactly what you are paying up front. 2. There is no 10% additional charges rule with us. 3. NO HIDDEN FEES!